Intruder Alert


We pride ourselves on providing the best possible customized and cost effective solutions. Accordingly, systems, services, and payment option(s)are offered and presented in a manner to provide you with the flexibility desired to specifically handle your needs now and in the future. Items and configurations can be modified, as desired, to meet virtually ANY of your
( Commercial--Residential--Institutional ) needs/requirements and budgetary constraints.

Intrusion/Fire Alarm Protection
The systems we provide have the capabilities to handle virtually any need ( including not only intrusion and fire alarm protection, they can also provide wired or wireless panic or medical emergency units , freezer/refrigeration alarms (high temperature), flood/water leak, low building temperature units, English Voice announcement equipment ( instead of just a siren, “Fire” & “Intrusion” is spoken in English or Spanish as desired ), glass break detection units, radio and internet backup communications, and more are available !! Additional information and pricing options can be provided upon request.

CCTV ( closed circuit television)

Commercial & Residential (including covert nanny cams)
This an excellent idea that can stop and document theft, vandalism, shrinkage, and it can also increase productivity, provide access control documentation, time clock accuracy, and possibly be used in defense of a liability issue. CCTV ( closed circuit television) is available in single or multiple camera configurations ( with indoor and/or outdoor units). Recording with DVR or a time lapse tape system is available. Web (internet) connections can also be provided. Our systems will provide the quality, ease of use, and cost effectiveness you desire. They also have expansion capabilities as well as optional color and an available internet connection feature for viewing and/or administration.

Entry Systems
We provide single and multiple door entry systems. Electronic door locks with push button release mechanisms, intercom, video intercom, card & fob release, access control and more are available.